Let’s begin with one great big THANK YOU!

This has been Grace Legacy Builders’ (GLB) most productive year so far and already it looks like next year we will even double our kingdom impact in comparison. We are duplicating and multiplying in:

  • India and Sri-Lanka thanks to all the work of Rev. Wilson Mathai
  • Nigeria, Africa thanks to Rev. Joseph Nwibo
  • Malawi, Africa thanks to Rev. Bizwick-Henry Mtema who starts this year to lay some groundwork

The dream of divine desire that began as a skeleton outline just a few short years ago has taken on flesh and is maturing. Our gospel-based, Christ-centered, and grace-shaped vision and mission comes from a Biblical definition and application that defines masculinity as a call to:

Glorify God and edify others by equipping christian men to follow Jesus Christ as:

  • Prophet
  • Priest
  • King

Especially in daily father-led family worship because children come with eternal souls.

Habakkuk 2:2 “Write the vision; make it plain, run with it.”

The legs that run our vision continue to be “The Family Worship Institute” which is now expanding around the world. Let me illustrate this as I explain the pictures on the front and back of this year-end newsletter:

Picture 1 The Covenant
This picture captures one of the most powerful moments of my life and ministry. These two seminarians stopped me in the middle of my time at their seminary in Sri-Lanka. They asked to make a covenant with me and join us in vision and mission.

Picture 2 GLB-Africa & India
Rev. Wilson Mathai of India and next to him is Rev. Joseph Nwibo (JP) Minister in the Nigeria Reformed Church, Abakaliki, Nigeria. I will in Nigeria from January 3-18, 2017 preaching and teaching to their denominational leaders on:

How to Cultivate a Culture of Daily Father-Led Family Worship in Your Church:
A. Educate the Leaders
B. Edify the Laity
C. Equip the Men

Picture 3 A New Space
You will see one of the 10 young men, who for four long days knocked out, dug out, and carried out a bunch of concrete and dirt from our church basement. We appear to have solved our water problem – we hope. THANKS “Reformed Missions Services” led by Rob Brinks who guided the TASC group (Teens Actively Serving Christ).

Even with volunteer labor, creating this space is a very costly project. Yet, this also has become an important space for visiting Pastors like Rev. Wilson Mathai. Pastor Wilson stayed with us this fall and studied with me here at “The Family Worship Institute” of Grace Legacy Builders. He also took classes at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (PRTS).

Rev. Joseph Nwibo will also be blessed by it in 2017. As gifts and volunteers come forward we hope to continue to make improvements to this vital space.

Picture 4 Seminary Night
Picture four shows our “Piazza Night” and seminar for Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (PRTS) students. Pastor Henry Mtema from Malawi is explaining his experience of Family Worship with the group. My focus was on the call of ministers to:

Get masters of families to do their duty, and they will not only spare you a great deal of labor, but will much further the
success of your labors…You are not likely
to see any general reformation, till you
procure family reformation.
Richard Baxter

Picture 5 Study Guide To:
A Theology of The Family: Five Centuries of Biblical Wisdom for Family Life. I am working with the authors/editors of this book on a study guide to be used by GLB and other ministries throughout the world. I am extremely honored.
Please pray specifically for this project!

Last on Front & First on Back
The last picture on the front segues to the first picture on the back where Michelle and I are shown with the Marvel children. These represent our annual Father’s Day event with outstanding keynote speaker Rev. Judson Marvel. The picture on the front is of Anthony Torren who shared his story of grace through his “Fatherlessness”.

The Kuiper Family Pics
Pictures two and three on the back are of Michelle and I with our daughters. The first is Maryn’s graduation from Hope College. The other is at the Young Life Camp in Saranac Lake, New York. Rachel works there full time, Maryn was a summer Intern again this year before she started her new career at Hope. Courtney graced them as a monthly volunteer. Our oldest daughter, Kaycee, was in China teaching there at the time of the picture. During the school year Kaycee leads a Young Life group at Byron Center High School.

We are extremely grateful for the ways in which the Gospel of Jesus Christ works in and through our daughters via Young Life. We thank God He’s converted their hearts and they now share and serve His Kingdom.

Ministering in Carmel, IA

I was privileged to preach and teach at Mike Pitsenberger’s church in Iowa. We are hoping to return to do a seminar in that region for men and families.

India & Sri-Lanka Pictures

The last two pictures represent the many places that I was able to go to throughout India and Sri-Lanka this winter. I preached to over 1,000 people there. Also in each of the seven weekday workshop locations we had, on average, 75 pastors and other key leaders being trained and equipped. Wilson was contacted and he arranged a special meeting with the former president of Campus Crusade for Christ India. He is interested in furthering Grace Legacy Builder’s ministry through his key contacts! Wilson is so enthusiastic and crucial to all I do there. Please read his report, which is the insert.

Men’s Study

Men’s Bible study (Ephesians verse by verse) on Tuesday nights is excellent with 10 men off and on. But, we certainly have room for more. Please join us. I had other opportunities to minister this past year such as a retreat for a local Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). Pray for more such opportunities. I also addressed the greater GR OPC Pastors’ group.

The Challenge Is Our Calling

Here is the kind of request I receive:
“I am an elder at our church and when we go on family visits we ask about family worship, or just plain devotions in the home. We just get these blank stares. Can you come and help us? Would you please come and equip the men of our church?

2017 – Challenges Accepted!

Top 5 Projects in 2017

1. Africa (Nigeria and Malawi) I will be equipping Joseph and Henry in 2017 to equip men as well.

2. Grace Legacy Builders India: Wilson & I have to lay some more groundwork to get to the next level of “Training Trainers to Equip Men as Spiritual Leaders” in India.

3. A Theology of the Family Study Guide

4. Website Family Worship Guides: The Top 100 Bible passages for understanding The Trinity, The Gospel of Grace, Gender, & Family Worship.

5. Working with a national Para-church organization that asked me to develop a curriculum to train and equip men to become mentors to “Fatherless” students and leaders.

Top Five Prayers Requests for 2017

1. The above preaching & teaching opportunities!

2. Holy Trinity Church as they are regrouping.

3. New college age young men to live here on the ministry complex in our apartments.

4. I will exercise prudence, diligence & grace especially as I lead & organize our new board.

5. Finances for our India and Africa ministries.

Financial Needs

We have almost stabilized financially except:
1. Oversea Mission Opportunities
$5,000 -$10,000 each country

2. Facility Maintenance & Repairs

3. Increased Insurance & Taxes

Thanks for Your Support & Prayers,
Rev. Bruce R. Kuiper, GLB President

Genesis 18:19
“For I have chosen him, that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing righteousness and justice, so that
the LORD may bring to Abraham what God has promised him.”

Thanks To You-The Results:
Here is the result GLB needs to keep repeating with your help…

“Grace Legacy Builders – Thanks so much! You hit the marks biblically and practically. The resources and handouts you provide are great tools for our men to lead family worship. You certainly provided us with tools to equip men as spiritual leaders.”