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As the leader and president of Grace Legacy Builders, Rev. Bruce Kuiper will be sharing and equipping men to lead daily family worship with his insights and blog posts. Be sure to subscribe to Bruce’s blog and get the latest articles delivered to you inbox. Grace Legacy Builders also provides the tools to get started with family worship. Check out all the study guides we have available.

2014 Year End Letter

YEAR END NEWSLETTER – 2014 To: The Co-Laborers of Grace Legacy Builders From: Rev. Bruce R. Kuiper – President of Grace Legacy Builders – Men’s Ministry Re: Gratitude & Celebrating Past Blessings and an Eternal Vision for Our Future Date: December 15, 2014 __________________ Here the Reformation Must Begin: Fathers, consider the important duty that […]

7 Figures: Family Structure and Economic Success – From The Acton Institute

Family structure is one of the most significant, though oft-overlooked, factors that affect the economic fortunes of Americans. A new study from AEI titled “For Richer or Poorer” documents the relationships between family patterns and economic well-being in America and shows how radically it can affect income. Here are seven figures you should know from […]


The Month of October’s featured writer will be the “Westminster Assembly”. They wrote the Directory of Family Worship” to accompany and interweave it with the Westminster Confession of Faith. The Confession is the Theology while the Directory is the Methodology. Just like Deuteronomy 6, interlaces God’s theology with God’s methodology. IE God’s Will, God’s Way, […]

New Website

Grace Legacy Builders has completed the make-over of our website! We are very excited to have you join us.  We have developed a series of family worship study guides for you to use.  Be sure to check out our first few lessons and check back as we will be adding more each week. Don’t forget […]

Father led family worship guides.

Guys are in trouble

“Guys are in trouble these days, … Years ago, manhood was an opportunity for achievement and now it’s just a problem to be overcome. Guys who once might have painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling are now just trying to be Mr. O.K.” Garrison Keillor Compare John Piper’s Words… “Men, do you have a moral vision […]