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2015 Year End Newsletter

This Year’s Highlights and Next Year’s Goals

  • Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church
  • Grace Legacy Builders ~ India
  • College Men’s Bible Studies
  • Mission/Vision Partners
  • E – Connections
  • Stewardship
  • Tributes
  • Prayer

Vision for Grace Legacy Builders

We preach, teach, and believe that hand & hand with the local church, a gospel-captivated father who leads daily family worship is the most powerful shaper of culture for good known to the human race!

Eternal souls are at stake! But, so is the economic well being of the family, church, and community. When fathers are being equipped as spiritual leaders they also become material providers.

Therefore, the nation, church, women, and children all flourish when God’s call is heralded by GLB. The Holy Spirit transforms men into a life force of Christ’s tangible love in the world! (1 Timothy 5:8)

Wilson & Debra were my hosts while I was in India. Wilson is being equipped & trained as the Vice President of Grace Legacy Builders India.

Eventually Wilson will be equipped to lead The Family Worship Training Institute of South India.


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